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  • New greenView Firmware available!  available!  Now it is possible to exclude some BMS/Cells from system voltage calculations. Excluded BMS/Cells are shown a bit shaded. With this feature you can mount more then one LiPro on one cell, (or put on every in parallel connected cell a liPro to archive higher balancing currents)

  • Corona Update: Our Shop is open, almost all article are still in stock
  • New greenView accessories: Liquid Level Sensor! 

  • New DIY LiFeYPO4 ( Winston Battery) Kits in shop
  • Update wiring diagramms for the DIY Kits
  • New greenView firmware available! We now also support 50A current sensors and liquid level sensors at the analog inputs. In addition, devices can now be customized with a desired name!
  • Special offer 40Ah cells, due to large stock!
  • We are pleased to introduce our new partners to you: Eye for installations in boats and yachts. Stromvoll GmbH for ready-made batteries and customer-specific installations
  • New wifi converter available
  • DIY - sets available
  • New android app available
  • New greenView firmware in downloads
  • New windows software for remote connection to greenView 
  • New greenController 100/30 and greenController 75/40 firmware available
  • New greenController 140/30 Firmware
  • New greenView Firmware available
  • greenView available
  • new lot greenSwitch finisched, sorry for delay


  • New firmware for greenController available
  • New commtool available (Support for greenSwitch has been implemented, it is now possible to save device parameters to files, and many minor improvements and troubleshooting have been implemented)
  • We have stocked up our stock around many cells of the company Winston. These will be entered into the shop within the next days
  • Event reminder free practice seminar on 09.09.2017, still vacant places available!


Specially developed for our customers in the field of boats / caravans. GreenSwitch considerably simplifies the conversion of existing lead to lithium technology.

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