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Our new LiMAX cells offer very high capacity in the smallest of spaces. With two threads for connecting high-current connectors, as well as the separate screw connection for the BMS, it offers extremely high reliability and the simplest connection. The separate connection for the BMS enables precise voltage measurements directly on the cell, without voltage drops due to high currents. Contrary to the low screw-in depth of only 5-6 mm with some manufacturers, we offer a thread depth of 10 mm and thus a secure hold, even with vibrations and harsh environmental conditions!
LiMAX - Quality. No compromise.
  • Product features and benefits:
  • Very low overall height, only 95 mm high
  • Ideal for installation in intermediate floors
  • Extensive assembly material available for every application
  • 160 AH capacity
  • Maximum charging current 160 A.
  • Maximum discharge current 160 A.
  • 2x M6 screw connection for the high-current connector with a thread length of 12 mm.
  • Separate M6 screw connection for BMS
  • Connection pole stiffening
  • Space-saving BMS attachment directly between the poles
  • Exact BMS voltage measurement and temperature measurement through separate screw connection
nominal voltage3,2 V
Capacity minimum160 Ah (at 0,5 C and 25 C)
Capacity typical161 Ah (at 0,5 C and 25 C)
Wh efficiency93,5 % (at 0,5 C and 25 C)
Ah efficiency99,2 % (at 0,5 C and 25 C)
caseAluminum, pole reinforcement: hard PVC, flame retardant
Maximum charging current160 A (10 C bis 55 C)
80 A (  0 C bis 9 C)    
Recommended charging current80 A (10 C bis 55 C)
40 A (  0 C bis 9 C)    
Maximum discharge current< 160 A
Recommended discharge current< 80 A
Working temperature range0 C bis 55 C (Ladung)
-20 C bis 55 C (Entladung)
Best storage temperature20 C +/- 5 C 
Cycle Life> 5000
at DoD: 100 % / 25 C,
charge / discharge < 0,25 C / 0,5 C

  • Cell connector transverse direction
  • Cell connector lengthways
  • Cell connectors with greater spacing
  • Cell connector for 2p to 5p parallel connection
  • Mounting set 1, 2 and 4 rows
  • BMS LiPro1-2 V3 or LiPro1-6 Active V2

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