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greenView Monitoring
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Product no.: SETxx
Manufacturer: ECS
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This package contains all the necessary components for a lithium battery system. This system is tuned to loads or inverters up to 1,2 kW. For a short time a load up to 1,6 kW is possible (about 10 minutes). The inrush current must not exceed 250 A /6 kW (10 ms)! The set also includes our greenView for visualizing the LiPros and as a battery monitor with current-based SOC calculation!
  • Cells (8 x Winston LiFeYPO4 with 100 Ah/each)
  • Mounting Set: MONTAGE-KIT_8_100AHA
  • Cell connectors (7x cell connectors to connect these cells in series for a 24 V system)
  • BMS (8x LiPro1-1)
  • Adapter screws for mounting the BMS on the cells.
  • Safety shutdown, load shedding relay: greenSwitch 24/500
  • Safety shutdown, charge switch-off relay: greenSwitch 24/500
  • Current sensor charging current: 100 A 
  • Current sensor load current: 100 A 
  • greenView (in the built-on or built-in version)
  • DC circuit breaker 1 A for control circuits
  • NH fuse 50 A (with the necessary breaking capacity of > 20 kA, including 2 replacement fuses)
  • NH fuse holder
  • FK6 connection cable: (7x FK6 cable for connecting the LiPros to each other)
  • Control cable LIYY 10x0,14 mm²: 20 meters, to connect greenView
  • Control cable LIYY 6x0,14 mm²: 4 meters, for connecting greenSwitch or load relay
  • Wire end ferrules 0.14 mm²
  • High current cable 16 mm² NSGAFÖU: 5 meters. Short-circuit proof according to VDE (double insulation) from the battery to the main fuse and the relay
  • Suitable cable lugs and shrink tubing  
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Please select above if you would like to get the greenView in built-on or built-in version.

Please note that any electrical installation work must be done by a licenced electrician.


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