R&D Projects

This project is funded by the European Union from the Regional Development Fund.

Extremely powerful rechargeable lithium battery with a new type of integrated BMS

- Working title: greenPowerPack -

The aim of this project is:
  • More Power: Extreme high current delivery capability of more than 500 A.
  • Less space required: As compact as possible, for installation under the seat or in an intermediate floor
  • New type of integrated BMS with circuit breaker and integrated "lossless" diodes (Ideal Diode Controller). This will make it possible for the consumers (even with high currents) to continue to be supplied without interruption even after a safety shutdown due to excessive cell voltage. The safety switch still prevents another charging. In the event of a safety shutdown due to "cell empty", only further power consumption is prevented. Chargers can continue to feed in with maximum power! The whole thing without charging sources and loads having to be connected with separate lines. The system will work fully automatically. Manual intervention is not necessary.
  • Overvoltage protection. An integrated surge protection protects your valuable consumers.
  • More security: Cell monitoring is carried out redundantly with several microcontrollers. No more bistable relay that needs a functioning power supply to switch off!
  • Less effort and quick assembly!

Principle picture: