Privacy Notice

Area of application

This data privacy statement informs any user about the manner and extent of and reason for surveying, processing and using personal data by the provider:

ECS - Electronic Construction Service
Isseler Str. 49
D-54338 Schweich

Tel.: +49 (0)6502 - 40 11 11
Fax: +49 (0)6502 - 40 11 12

on this web page (referred to as „offer“ in the following).

Client Access Data / Server Log Files

The provider (respectively their webspace-provider) collects data from every client access to the offer (so-called server log files). Client access data includes:

name and URL of files accessed, date and time of access, quantity of transferred data, HTTP status code, type/ version of browser and operating system, website from which access initiated (previous URL), IP address of the requesting computer and name of client's internet access provider.

The provider uses the log data solely for the purpose of carrying out statistical evaluations that allow improving their quality of service and privacy and to optimize their products. The provider reserves the right to screen server log files after-the-fact, if concrete evidence justifies the suspicion of improper or unlawful use.


Processing of Personal Data

Personal data is all the information that make a person identifiable, such as their name, e-mail address or telephone number. Personal data will only be collected, used and forwarded by the provider to the extend permitted by law and with the user's permission. No personal data is forwarded to third parties without user permission.


Registration Function

Data acquired in the course of registration will be used for the purpose of carrying out our services. Users may be informed via e-mail of special offers or events relevant to registration such as changes to or extension of our product range or technical circumstances. The kind of data collected is comprehensible from the data input mask within the scope of registration. They are for example NAME, POSTAL ADDRESS, E-MAIL-ADDRESS, IP-ADDRESS.


Establishing Contact

When establishing contact to the provider (via contact form or email for example) the user's information will be stored for request processing purposes and in case follow-up questions might arise.


Comments and Contributions

When users leave comments or contributions on our blog, their IP address will be stored. This conduct is a measure for the provider's safety should a user post unlawful content in their comments or contributions (offensive language, insults, banned political propaganda, and so forth), since the provider themselves may be prosecuted for these comments or contributions and therefore have a reasonable interest in the contributor's identity.



With our newsletter we provide you with the latest information on our company and product range.

To receive our electronic newsletter, we need the user's current email address as well as the means to establish that they are the owner of that email address or that the owner of the email address agrees to receive the newsletter. No further information is required or collected. The information provided will be used solely for the distribution of our newsletter and not be forwarded to third parties.

With the subscription to our newsletter we will save the user's IP address and the date of subscription. This data is collected as evidence, should a third party use an email address unlawfully to subscribe to the newsletter without its owner's knowledge.

Users may withdraw their consent to the saving of the data, the email address, and its use to send the newsletter at any time. The cancelation is possible through a link provided in the newsletter, in the respective customer profiles on our web page or by contacting us via the contact details provided above.



When users access the offer one or more cookies are stored on their hard drive. A cookie is a small piece of data, with a specific string of characters which will clearly identify a browser. Cookies enable the provider to improve the convenience and quality of their service, for example by storing user preferences and settings. Cookies cannot carry viruses and they cannot damage the user's hard drive.

It is possible to use the offer without cookies. Users may set their browser to decline the storing of cookies all together, limit it to certain web pages or have the browser notify them prior to storing a cookie. Users may delete cookies from their hard drive at any time through their browser's data protection feature. As a result usability and certain features of the offer may be limited.


Revocation, Adjustments, Corrections and Updates

Users are entitled to request information on the personal data stored relating to them free of charge. They are also entitled to have false information corrected and their personal data blocked and deleted unless statutory requirements to preserve records exist.