Planning and installation of off-grid solar system

What is an Off-grid solar energy System?

An off-grid solar energy system is not connected to the utility grid, whereas an on-grid (aka grid-tied) solar energy system is connected to the utility grid. The off-grid solar power system is an independent self-sufficient renewable energy power supply system, which can resolve their basic power use demands.
The off-grid solar power system design is different from the grid-tie solar power system. The former needs to take into considerations many factors including the load, daily electricity quantity and local climate conditions and so on, to choose different design plans according to clients’ practical demands. Therefore, the off-grid solar photovoltaic system is comparatively complex.

We have over ten years experience in this field. We realized many off-grid system projects. We developed among other things our LiPros ( Batterie Management Systems) and greenController (Charge Controller). We continuously strive to improve our products through innovation.  

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