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LiPro1-6 Active

LiPro1-6 Active

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Product no.: BG074
Manufacturer: ECS
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New: Available from Q1 / 2015 - Pre-orders welcome
New battery Mangment system (BMS) for cell monitoring and active load balancing (active balancing) of lithium cells.
(Suitable for LiFeYPO4, LiFePO4 and other ...)
Through the active charge compensation less heat is generated, so that cooling problems belong to the past. In addition, the effective capacity of the battery bank is increased.
  • Less heat generation
  • More efficient
  • Faster charge
  • Higher effective capacity of the battery pack
Areas of application:
  • Electric vehicles
  • "Home Storage" for self-consumption
  • Systems with very high charge and discharge
The LiPro1-6 Active module is used to protect your valuable lithium cells. The module constantly monitors the cell voltages, as soon as the cell voltage of a cell is too small, it opens the safety loop for the discharge (LVP). The security loop goes through all LiPro1-6 Active modules and switches the load off (via external relay or load output of our greenController 100/30).
As soon as the cell voltage of a cell is too high, it opens the safety loop for overcharge protection (OVP) which switches off the charging sources (e.g. mains charger, solar charge controllers, and other sources).
If our solar charge controller is used, it can communicate directly via the RS485 bus. Mains chargers can be controlled by our Charger Ctr, other sources via external relay.
Furthermore, a temperature monitoring is available. At temperatures above + 80 ° C, both safety loops are turned off.
The LiPro1-6 Active module also includes a charge balancer, it "takes" energy from a cell with high SOC (State of Charge) and "puts" it into a cell with lower SoC. 
  • New: Active load balancing
  • New: New switch outputs with electronic relay (1A switching capacity)
  • New: Connection between the modules can be done by ribbon cables -> less wiring
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • One module per cell
  • Each module is mounted directly to the battery terminals
  • Balancer power about 5 - 8 A
  • Balancer voltage 3.65 V (default, adjustable via interface)
  • Discharge (LVP1, delayed) at 2.8 V (default, adjustable via interface)
  • Discharge (LVP2, undelayed) at 2.6 V (default, adjustable via interface)
  • LVP1 delay to prevent tripping during high inrush current / or cold cells
  • Overcharge protection (OVP) at 3.9 V (default, adjustable via interface)
  • 4 LEDs to display: Function, Error, LVP, UVP
  • Over temperature protection (adjustable default, via interface) 80 ° C
  • Maximum tolerance less than 1%!
  • Low power consumption: Less than 0.1W
  • Has a galv. Isolated RS485 interface


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LiPro1-6 ActiveLiPro1-6 ActiveLiPro1-6 Active

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