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High efficiency DC / DC - converter with wide input voltage range for battery operated devices

The PS09-60-01A by ECS provides power for battery-operated devices. This DC / DC converter is designed for a very low own consumption. At low current drain it automatically switches to the most economical mode (burst mode). PS09-60-01A can be operated as a buck or boost converter, the switching is automatic. The output voltage required can be easily adjusted on the DIL switches. Ideal to supply our current sensors or the RS485 interface in our RS485. Devices


  • Output voltages 3,3 V / 5 V / 9 V / 12 V / 15 V DC 
  • Wide input range 9 V - 60 V DC
  • Suitable for 12 V, 24 V and 48 V battery systems
  • Automatic burst mode (power saving mode)
  • Automatic switching between buck mode (Buck) and Step Up (Boost mode)
  • Maximum 200 uA internal current consumption in burst mode
  • 1 mA maximum consumption in normal mode
  • Output current up to 300 mA at buck mode 
  • Output current up to 100 mA at in step-Up mode (Boost mode)



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This converter allows you wireless access to our greenController or to our LiPro modules. Even with Android phone and tablets it is now possible to access (Tested with Samsung Galaxy S2).

As Android app any Modbus App with "Modbus RTU via TCP" Support should work. As an example "Modbus Monitor" or "Netlink" with Modbus Addon. 

The converter can also be used as wifi to RS232 converter.

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